Something old...

Jag snokade lite i min lunar"blogg" igen och hittade denna, från 190106:

Welcome to the roller coaster of love!

And you thought you were happy cause you've finally found someone that light your magic spark and you thought that this were your happy ending.
Ha! Suddenly you know that the hell's just getting started.
This is the most precious attraction of them all. But don't forget what I was telling you about love just before.
You'll experience ups and downs you thought you'd left behind you in your early teens. It'll be hillarious! And painful. The turnings'll be amazingly quick. And the end will be in the darkest of places. Everything that you've built up, everything that is you, is now gone.
Sorry, but it's too late to get off now. You'll never know untill it's too late, it's your curse.
This is square one.

Men nej, jag är inte där nu. Och nej det blev inte så hemskt den gången, ingenting var hemskt det året, mitt första år i Uppsala. Jag undrar varför det inte är så fortfarande?


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